MonoXite is a home-recording project founded by Stefan Klaffke in 1997.

Where does the band name come from?
The word MonoXite is a composite and can have different meanings. First, it can have the meaning of carbon monoxide, an acid which is responsible for pollution and diseases. You don’t smell it, but the result can be cruel. The second meaning is mono excites… Although MonoXite’s productions are recorded in stereo, it shall demonstrate the close reference to the band MONO.

What is MonoXite doing?
There are a lot of influences which flow into the sound of MonoXite. Different styles from different decades are stuck together to create a new sound with a specific remarkable arrangement. A sound of the late nineties, melancholic, sometimes depressing with a few lights at the end combinend with the space- psychedelica of the 60ies and sometimes with the monotony of techno. Indeed, there exist similarities to bands like slowdive, mogwai, the album or leaf – to name a few.

But MonoXite never wanted to change the world or can be settled in a political status quo. It is furthermore a description of emotions, mostly feelings and stories about friendship & love, and the wish of creating complex musical landscapes. From the description of spending endless summers at the sea to the anonymity of modern life in a big city shows the range of MonoXite‘s music – a platform of different musical levels which can be climbed through their music. Behind MonoXite there are a few people who helpedĀ  Stefan with their ideas, comments and other contributions to set up this style of music. On stage Christian Seidl of “The Sad Moon” plays sometimes guitars and his wife Kerstin brings in a warm atmosphere with her beautiful voice.