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Peter F. (Intro Magazine – Heimspiel) in German:
“Manchmal kann man in den eigenen vier Wänden ein kleines Universum schaffen. Stefan Klaffke ist das mit seinem Homerecording-Projekt MonoXite gelungen. Eine breitbild-kompatible und komplex klingende Landschaft erstreckt sich da vor dem inneren Auge, nur die dreckigen Streuungseffekte mahnen vorsichtig an, dass das alles eine Illusion ist und nicht echt. Eine wunderbar entrückte Filmmusik ist das, nur für welchen Film bloß?”

Mark K. (
“With the dark ambience of a Brothers Quay film, shimmering guitar echoes cascade like a falling stream into dark waters. Sweet, but sad male and female vocals match the guitars’ vibrant textures”

Ole R. (mp3lounge – Inter.Net) in German:
“1997 gründete Stefan Klaf[f]ke aus Nürnberg sein “Home-Recording” Projekt MonoXite. Die Wortschöpfung, eine Mixtur aus dem geruchsneutralen, schleichend giftigen Gas Kohlenmonoxid (Carbonmonoxide) und dem Wortschnipsel Exite (von Excitement!!), beschreibt den flüssig bis gasförmigen Aggregatzustand des oft sphärischen, musikalischen Grundgerüsts der Arrangements. Down-Tempo Elemente, die einen doch manchmal an legendäre Bands wie “Slowdive” (heute Mojave 3) oder “Cocteau Twins” erinnern, verwabern hier mit Aphextwin’schen Ambient-Grooves. Eines muss allerdings erwähnt werden: Die Musik lädt nicht gerade zum fröhlichen Polka-Tanz auf dem Lande ein – suizidliebäugelnde Zeitgenossen sollten sich lieber weiterhin “Dancing under the Moonlight” von Toploader zu Gemüte führen ;-)”








08/17/2008 Live show on 08/17/2008

TONIGHT!!!! We will be live on stage on 08/17/2008 at Conelius Bruecke (Urbanauten Beach), Munich. We will play a couple of songs from our past albums. Concert will start around 09:00pm.


06/16/2008 Live show on 06/15/2008

We will be live on stage on06/15/2008 at Conelius Bruecke (Urbanauten Beach), Munich. We will play a couple of songs from our past albums. Concert will start around 09:30pm.


11/18/2007 Gig videos available

Some videos are available from our support gig with Malory (see last posting). Go to the music and video page to check the live videos (shot with a mobile cam).


02/02/2007 Live show on 02/22/2007

We’re happy to support the shoegazer band “Malory” on02/22/2007 at Prager Fruehling, Munich. We will play a couple of songs from the 2006 released albumBorderland. Note: We will play between 09:45pm and 11:00pm.
Be there or be square!


05/30/2006 New album available

It took us a lot sweat, tears and pain to write, perform and record those absolutely beautiful 10 new songs – gathered together on the new CDborderland which is out now for sale. 3 years later after the last release a fresh and innovated sound with new and recovered influences by Labradford, tisteza and the album lead has been created on this full length album – we’re so happy to announce those fantastic news. We put an exclusive track on this site for pre-listening. Enjoy it. Also, please support us by purchasingone of our handmade CDRs. We hope to find a home and a family for this album, soon. Stay tuned!


02/25/2006 New review available

Germany’s most popular serious music magazine Intro has written and published a short review about us, look here.


10/30/2005 New song available for pre-listening

In the music section we have a new song available for pre-listening. It will be on the new album <<borderland>>, which we will hopefully record until end of the year.


10/28/2005 Munich Laptop Battle on19th, Nov 2005 at Harry Klein, Munich

All artists and jury members gathered together to start the party at Harry Klein on 19th Nov, 2005 21:00H (doors open at 20:30H). Hope, you all will join the event.


07/31/2005 New side project (Munich Laptop Battle)

Christian, the founder of the band Sad Moon ( and I have started a new electronic music project: Munich Laptop Battle. Inspired by our US mates, we plan a similar event for Munich, coming November 2005. Electronica musicians, living in and around Munich are asked for submission as a contestant until September, 15, 2005.


05/15/2005 minor homepage improvement

Some minor improvement work concerning our homepage is done. Now, you’re able to order your personal copy of the latest cd On a misty morning and Okay,links here. As well a new forum link has been established where we encourage you to leave some thoughts about us. In the links section we’re working on putting together some interesting surfable links relating our band (more will follow). And last but not least, ashows schedule and a critics reviewsection have also been added to the site to keep you up to date. Enjoy!


05/20/2004 two new songs available for your pleasure

I am glad to inform you that there are two more songs available in the music section for your download. The first song valley of fire is from our current long player On a misty morning.
The second song stand by the seais brand new. It is the first of a series of new “old-shoegazer-inspired” songs (this is what we can do best), which we will record and publish here at Maybe, a new lp will follow. Musicians wanted to support us!


03/07/2004 account at and
SoundClick Now!

We have updated our accounts at and Rate us high to get a top ten position within the alternative charts 😉


02/20/2004 new internet presence

A new wedesign and owning this domain gives MonoXite a new platform (after has been closed). Here, you will find all the information you need to know about the band. If you miss anything, please feel free to send us an email. At this official page, all our free mp3s will be published first.

Sign up for our regular mailing list to get informed about new releases, tour dates or mechandising.


12/20/2003 new album On a misty morning
After two years MonoXite has released a new record On a misty morning. It is the most emotional record, that Stefan has ever published. The album contains twelve high-orchestral, sometimes accoustic songs full of beautiful harmonies and devotion.

Feel free to listen to four songs of the record,available here. Please, send us your feedback, what you think. Thanks.

So long,



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